Lifetime Achievement Award

This award will be granted for devoted service to the public, profession and administration of justice over the span of a professional career. Only lawyers or individuals who have worked within or contributed significantly to the system of justice or legal profession will be qualified to receive this award. The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented only on those occasions when a deserving recipient is nominated and selected.

1989-90 Robert H. McFarland
1990-91 James P. Coleman
1991-92 William D. Neville
1992-93 Erskine W. Wells
1993-94 Evelyn Gandy
1994-95 Boyce Holleman
1995-96 Roy D. Campbell, Jr.
1996-97 Sebe Dale, Jr.
1997-98 William F. Winter
1998-99 David R. Smith
1999-00 Joel Blass
2000-01 Curtis E. Coker
2000-01 William H. Liston
2001-02 Lester F. Sumners
2002-03 Lawrence “Larry” J. Franck
2003-04 Charles Clark
2004-05 Leonard B. Melvin, Jr.
2004-05 Mary Libby Payne
2005-06 Raymond L. Brown
2005-06 Thomas R. Ethridge
2006-07 Reuben V. Anderson
2007-08 Fred M. Bush, Jr.
2008-09 William “Bill” F. Goodman, Jr.
2009-10 Lenore L. Prather
2010-11 Jack F. Dunbar
2011-12 Harold D. Miller, Jr.
2011-12 James L. Roberts, Jr.
2012-13 H. B. Mayes McGehee
2013-14 W. Scott Welch II
2014-15 Jerome C. Hafter
2015-16 Frank Crosthwait
2016-17 Larry Houchins
2017-18 Constance Slaughter-Harvey
2018-19 Edwin Lloyd Pittman
2019-20 Joseph R. Meadows
2020-21 Fred L. Banks, Jr.
2021-22 Leonard A. "Len" Blackwell II
2022-23 William C. "Cham" Trotter III