Judicial Excellence Award

The Judicial Excellence Award recognizes an exceptional judge who is an example of judicial excellence, a leader in advancing the quality and efficiency of justice and a person of high ideals, character and integrity. To be eligible, a judge must be a full time, sitting judge. Judges on senior status are eligible if they continue to be active on the bench.


Past Recipients

2000-01 Supreme Court Chief Justice Lenore L. Prather
2001-02 Circuit Court Judge Robert I. Prichard, III
2002-03 Circuit Court Judge M. Keith Starrett
2003-04 Court of Appeals Judge Leslie H. Southwick
2004-05 Adams County Judge John N. Hudson
2005-06 Chancery Court Judge Sebe Dale, Jr.
2006-07 Chancery Court Judge John Clark Love
2007-08 Circuit Court Judge Henry Lackey
2008-09 Rankin County Judge Kent McDaniel
2009-10 Chancery Court Judge Margaret Alfonso
2009-10 Chancery Court Judge Edward E. Patten, Jr.
2010-11 U.S. Bankruptcy Judge David W. Houston III
2011-12 U.S. Magistrate Judge John M. Roper
2012-13 Circuit Court Judge Thomas J. Gardner III
2013-14 Supreme Court Chief Justice William L. Waller
2014-15 U.S. Magistrate Judge S. Allan Alexander
2015-16 Rankin County Judge Thomas Broome
2016-17 Chancery Court Judge Jacqueline E. Mask
2017-18 Chancery Court Judge Jerry G. Mason
2018-19 Chancery Court Judge Denise Owens
2019-20 Hancock County Judge S. Trent Favre
2020-21 District Court Judge Michael P. Mills
2021-22 Chancery Court Judge Deborah J. Gambrell
2022-23 Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael K. Randolph