Appellate Practice

The purpose of the Appellate Practice Section is to promote the skillful, efficient, and effective practice of appellate law and oral advocacy before our appellate courts.


The Life of An Appeal in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals


The Appellate Practice Section was featured in the Mississippi Business Journal. To view the article, click here.


Appellate Practice Section
2023-2024 Executive Committee

Simon Bailey, Jackson
[email protected]
(601) 592-9941

Vice Chair
Candice Rucker, Jackson
United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi
[email protected]
(228) 679-1084

Julian Miller, Jackson
Forman Watkins & Krutz LLP
[email protected]
(601) 960-8600

Past Chair
Samuel Gregory, Jackson
Baker Donelson
[email protected]
(601) 351-2400

Member at Large (8/2021-7/2024)
Krissy C. Nobile, Jackson
MS Office of Capital Post-Conviction Counsel
[email protected]
(601) 359-5687

Member at Large (8/2022-7/2025)
Caroline Baker Smith, Ridgeland
Butler Snow LLP
[email protected]
(601) 985-4477

Member at Large (8/2023-7/2026)
Chad Byrd, Ridgeland
Butler Snow LLP
[email protected]
(601) 985-4492