Distinguished Service Award

This award shall be granted to a lawyer or lay person for outstanding achievement in or a significant contribution to the legal community beyond his or her normal job duties. The recipient must be cited for specific actions which occurred no longer than three (3) years immediately prior to the date of the award. The Distinguished Service Award is presented annually, and multiple awards may be presented.


Past Recipients

1985-86 William H. Liston
1986-87 Tommy Furby
1986-87 Ben J. Piazza, Jr.
1987-88 Luther Ott
1987-88 Hubbard T. Saunders IV
1988-89 Dwight Ball
1989-90 William C. "Cham" Trotter III
1990-91 Thomas M. Fortner
1991-92 Lawrence J. Franck
1992-93 S. Allan Alexander
1992-93 Judge Robert Oswald
1992-93 Amy Whitten
1993-94 Martin Smith
1994-95 Pamela Dill
1994-95 Pat Flynn
1994-95 B.B. McClendon
1995-96 Mark A. Chinn
1996-97 Mark Herbert
1997-98 Harold D. Miller, Jr.
1997-98 Thomas E. Williams
1998-99 William E. Ready, Jr.
1999-00 Charles L. Dunn
2000-01 H. Hunter Twiford, III
2001-02 Colette A. Oldmixon
2001-02 Susan L. Runnels
2002-03 James H. Heidelberg
2002-03 Lydia M. Quarles
2002-03 Robert P. Shepard
2003-04 Anna C. Furr
2003-04 Robert L. Gibbs
2003-04 W. Scott Welch, III
2004-05 Roy D. Campbell
2004-05 Ronald C. Morton
2005-06 Allen L. Burrell
2005-06 Amanda Jones Tollison
2006-07 J. Clifford Harrison
2006-07 Jeannie H. Sansing
2007-08 Karl Steinberger
2007-08 Jennifer Ingram Johnson
2008-09 Powell Gee Ogletree, Jr.
2008-09 Harry R. Allen
2009-10 Tammra O. Cascio
2010-11 Amanda Green Alexander
2010-11 Tom Alexander
2011-12 La’Verne Edney
2012-13 Karen K. Sawyer
2013-14 Patti Gandy
2014-15 Thomas H. Freeland IV
2015-16 Tiffany Graves
2016-17 David W. Clark
2016-17 James B. Persons
2017-18 Gwen G. Combs
2018-19 Carlyn M. Hicks
2019-20 Edderek L. "Beau" Cole
2020-21 Parker S. Kline
2021-22 Jennifer G. Hall
2022-23 Malissa Wilson