What to Look For

If you believe that you or someone you know needs assistance, call the Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program for a free confidential consultation.  We WILL NOT disclose your call to anyone unless/until you authorize us to do so.  We will guide you in appropriate next steps.  We'll do our best to comfort and inform you.

Warning Signs That You or Someone You Know May Need Help


• Unexplained or repeated absences or tardiness for court appearances, depositions, etc.
• Peculiar or improbable excuses for absences.

Confusion or difficulty concentration

• Difficulty in recalling instructions, details, etc.
• Increasing difficulty in handling complex assignments.
• Difficulty in recalling own mistakes.
• Work requires more effort than it should.

Spasmodic work patterns

• Alternative periods of high and low productivity.

Generally lowered job efficiency

• Missed deadlines.
• Mistakes due to inattention or poor judgment.
• Making bad decisions.
• Complaints from clients.
Improbable excuses for poor performance.

Poor interpersonal relationships

• Overreaction to real or imagined criticism.
• Wide swings in morale or mood.
• Unreasonable resentments or hostility.
• Excessive suspicion.

Physical problems/symptoms

• Complaints of fatigue.
• Back pains or other vague medical problems.
• Complaints of stomach problems or nausea.
• Repeated hospitalizations and/or accidents.

Observable physical signs such as bleary eyes, wobbly, shakes, flushed face, widely dilated or tightly constricted pupils, bloodshot eyes, staggering, blank look/expressionless, standing or sitting immobile (as if in a trance), hand or leg tremors, downcast or disheveled appearance, slurred speech, lethargy, restlessness/nervousness/anxiety, panic reaction, facial tic, excessive talking, disoriented thoughts ("word salad"), silence. 

When attempting to assess signs and symptoms, it is important to note that marked changes in behavior or affect are the clearest indication that there may be a problem.  Such changes may or may not fit clearly into the categories above, but are noteworthy nonetheless. 

Please Be Aware- It is not necessary for you or the person about whom you concerned to know what is wrong at the time you or they contact The Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program.  Part of the process is to help identify issues which are affecting the attorney.  Often, to ensure clarity, this process may be further facilitated through professional referral for diagnosis. 

If you have any question about The Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program, please contact a staff member or volunteer.  

If/when you have concerns about yourself or someone you know, and want to know more, please contact the LJA Program.  Remember:

LJA Program Services Are:

Available at NO Charge

Please contact our office or an LJA Program volunteer in your area.  For a list of LJA Program volunteers across the state click here. 

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